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Solution Oliver observes a "cut-off time" for processing new requests and changes to your queue order. This means any requests submitted past the cut-off time that day will not be worked on that evening's shift and instead will be considered for the next day!

In addition, any changes to your queue order after cut off time won't take effect until the next day. 

⏰ The current cut-off time for standard users is 4:30 PM PST.

This converts to:

Mountain Time: 5:30 PM MST

Central Time: 6:30 PM CST

Eastern Time: 7:30 PM EST

Pro Team Hours

⌨️ Our team works from 9 am - 6 pm PST and observe a one hour break at 1 pm.

⏰ Cut-off Time is 3 PM PST

Mountain Time: 4 PM MST

Central Time: 5 PM CST

Eastern Time: 6 PM EST

If you are unsure about the hours in your timezone, you can simply head over to www.thetimezoneconverter.com and convert it to your local timezone.

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