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Great question!

We always try our best to make our customers happy and guarantee their satisfaction however in order for us to be effective we have a scope and limitations in mind and that includes shying away from bulk requests and batch deliveries in just one ticket. It clogs the production support process flow internally.

The best way for us to handle your bulk request is to deliver them in multiple tickets. It will help keep the requests organized and avoid any confusion should there be any revisions.

How to do that? Good question! All you have to do is separate your request into a manageable batch! How?

  1. Ask yourself a question, can your designer complete this all in one go? If the answer is yes then just create a request on the Solution Oliver Platform and hit SEND! If your answer is NO then proceed to the next step.
  2. Make a plan on how you are going to chunk your request. TIP: Usually it is 3-5 if it has design options that are totally different from each other and 6-8 if the design is templated and mild tweaks are only needed.
  3. Log on to the Solution Oliver Platform and submit a request. You can label it like this: BATCH 1: YOUR DESIGN SUBJECT.
  4. Hit send and repeat until you get the total number of designs needed.

Easy right?

Keep in mind, the larger, more complex the request, the longer it may take. Your developer/designer won't deliver until it's totally done (and awesome!).

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