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The Solution Oliver provides a dedicated project manager to transform the Solution Oliver service into a white-glove request management service for submitting and revising requests in your Solution Oliver project. You can collaborate with your Solution Oliver Project Manager in real-time conversation via email.

Solution Oliver Project Manager includes:

  • White-glove onboarding: project setup, integrations, and more
  • Management of creative requests and revisions
  • A 30-min strategy call each week
  • Real-time collaboration via email during business hours

  • Solution Oliver Project Manager DOES NOT support the following types of requests:
  • Daily phone calls*
  • Conversations outside of the Solution Oliver creative services
  • Administrative work (emails to clients, ordering supplies, keeping office area organized, etc.)
  • Design quality checks
  • Copywriting

*Exceptions may apply

The Solution Oliver Project Manager add-on for Standard and Pro is $299 per month.

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